We have learned from working with the top incentive companies, the finest hotels, and the most demanding and discriminating clients, what is expected in an incentive program. Combining this knowledge with our island experience and local knowledge of our islands, we know what it takes to deliver what is expected, on our islands. It takes hard work, excessive attention to detail, and a vigilant overseeing of all aspects of a program. Because of this, it may be said, we over manage our programs.

The owners of IMI both possess extensive experience in all aspects of the business, initiate the planning process with each client. They learn what is wanted and expected and together with the client, recommend and plan the details of the program. They personally are involved with each site inspection from greeting at the airport to spending as much time as necessary, with the purpose of “educating” the client. It is their goal to build a program for the client that meets their needs and will exceed their expectations. Once decisions are made, we contact each supplier that will be involved and they ensure the activity or event is “booked” and all details are understood. They continue to work with the client in fine tuning details. Within several months of the event, an IMI Operations Manager becomes involved with the program. They also interact with the client as more specific numbers are known and further details are worked out. Operations will prepare a detailed, timed agenda outlining everything IMI has planned for the event. Each of us, depending up whose client it is, remains very much involved. Within weeks of the first arrivals, an IMI Program Manager is assigned to work with the program. Their role is to communicate with the client the final details for all transportation needs, schedule all IMI staffing for the program, and together with Operations, communicate final details to all suppliers. When the client arrives, their program is now being managed by three IMI managers, (Randall, Operations and Programming) all of whom stay intimately involved throughout. In addition to this management overseeing, we also provide IMI field staff for everything we do. Some may call it over- managing, we call it our key to success.

We have become the leading DMC in the islands because of the consistent high level of service we provide. We believe strongly in our formula for success as explained above. It does represent a higher cost in doing business, yet you will find our pricing is very competitive.

We welcome the opportunity to show you first hand what sets us apart.